Nessel looks to subpoena Facebook for details on fake vaccine card seller

Beth LeBlanc
The Detroit News

Attorney General Dana Nessel's office is working to subpoena Facebook to uncover the identity of a person selling fake vaccine passports on a mom-to-mom swap social media page. 

Nessel filed a request Tuesday with Macomb County Circuit Court for the subpoena after receiving an email earlier this month from a concerned Macomb County resident about the sale of fake vaccine cards in a Facebook group. 

"Let this be a warning to those who take a shot at buying or selling fake vaccination cards in Michigan," Nessel said.  "Although this one looks to be just a money-for-nothing scam, we will dig into complaints like this and vigorously pursue those who put lives in danger with fake vaccination cards." 

The blank vaccination cards pictured in the post include a water proof plastic sleeve and were posted by a user called Kristin Holliday. The card was advertised as costing $25. 

Nessel's office believes the username is a fake and that the profile used stock photos to sell the card on the "Mom2MomSwap - Macomb County" Facebook page. The posting was taken down before investigators were able to access it. 

"The person using the Kristin Holliday persona used the Mom2MomSwap-Macomb County marketplace in an effort to entice purchasers of a good that would likely never be delivered," the Tuesday motion said.

Under the proposed order, Nessel's office would not only be able to subpoena Facebook, but also able to issue additional subpoenas based on what is found. 

People who suspect the sale of fake vaccination cards should contact the Consumer Protection Division at (517) 335-7599 or fill out an online complaint form.