Had enough rain? Chance for more Metro Detroit storms arrives Tuesday

The Detroit News

Mother Nature is a tease.

What else could explain the threat of more rain and storms ahead of "an advancing cold front" headed to southeast Michigan on Tuesday morning?

There's only a marginal risk of what the National Weather Service describes as "excessive rainfall." But plenty of people in the region may be fed up with even a slightest risk.

The showers Tuesday will start from the northwest and expand into, possibly, the weather service warns, "organized thunderstorms."

Rainfall totals will average between 0.50 and 1 inch, with higher amounts of 1.50 inches or more possbile and tied to stronger storms that could develop.

The state has already entered the record books for rainfall and weather patterns this summer, ranking among the top 20 warmest and wettest, the weather service said in a report this week that reviews the meteorological summer from June 1 to Aug. 31.

Metro Detroit freeways flooded several times over the summer during storms.

The region saw a summer of downpours, storms, flooding, heat waves and power outages. Average temperature was 74.2, earning the summer ninth among the seasons's warmest. Detroit saw its warmest reading of 92 on July 6 and Aug. 29, with 13 days at or above 90, the lowest temperature among the top 10 years, the weather service said.

Total rainfall for Detroit,Flint and Saginaw reached the top 10 wettest seasons. For Metro Detroit, that included at least four flood events. The worst for rainfall was the June 25-26 storm that dumped up to 7 inches of rain over a 12-hour period and flooded thousands of homes.