MIOSHA dismisses year-old COVID fine after city threatens to depose director

Beth LeBlanc
The Detroit News

Michigan’s workplace safety agency filed to dismiss a COVID-19-related citation against the city of Port Huron on Oct. 21, about a week after the entity cited by the agency threatened to depose a key director about the fine and the agency’s use of now unconstitutional executive orders. 

The dismissal by the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration came more than a year after it was issued and over a week after an hours-long deposition in which an inspector admitted to destroying emails and notes related to a citation against the city. During the Oct. 12 deposition, according to a transcript, the inspector waffled when answering questions about the influence of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s overturned executive orders on MIOSHA's COVID-related citations. 

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