Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice McCormack tests positive for COVID after 'cold-like' symptoms

The Detroit News

Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Bridget McCormack has tested positive for COVID-19 after experiencing what she calls "cold-like" symptoms.

In a statement issued Sunday, McCormack said she is fully vaccinated and has had two booster shots.

Chief Justice Bridget McCormack

“As a standard precaution, I tested negative for Covid on Tuesday prior to oral argument on Wednesday; however, I tested positive Saturday after experiencing cold-like symptoms," McCormack said in the statement.

McCormack said she has notified her colleagues on the bench and other close contacts, and the court is notifying the attorneys who argued in front of them.

Michigan added 3,215 cases of COVID and 70 deaths from the virus on Wednesday, including totals from Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Hospitalization rates in Michigan have been on the decline for the last 10 weeks, but cases rose last week.