Beware of a bear wandering around this Michigan county

The Detroit News

Officials in a Saginaw County community are warning residents to beware a bear spotted in the area.

Thomas Township announced there were three sightings of the animal last weekend, it said in a statement on its website and Facebook page Monday.

The bear was seen on Kennely and Brookshire as well as about three miles away, in the 11000 block of Geddes, according to the release.

The bear was spotted last weekend in Thomas Township.

The township released pictures online of the dark-furred creature.

The township said the sightings were reported to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

The township said the DNR offered recommendations for residents.

The advice includes: Take all bird feeders down; store grills in the garage or shed after cooling; keep all trash in a garage or shed until pick-up day; keep small dogs and cats inside or supervise them while outdoors.