Run from state police lands N. Michigan man in waist-deep mud

Hayley Harding
The Detroit News

A man in Wexford County who tried to run from state troopers found himself stuck in waist-deep mud, Michigan State Police said.

The incident happened Monday around 3 p.m. A trooper from the Cadillac post saw a man walking along a highway that, state police said, he knew to have an arrest warrant. 

When the man saw the trooper, he reportedly ran, jumping over a guardrail and down an embankment. The trooper called for the man to stop, but the man responded "f--- you" and kept running, Spl Lt. Derrick Carroll, spokesman for MSP's seventh district, said in an email.

The trooper told the man that he would have a K-9 unit there shortly, and the man challenged the officer to "try to find me."

When the man came to a river and was spotted by another trooper, the man jumped into a river, where he found himself stuck in waist-deep mud.

He had a bench warrant in Wexford County for a probation violation and another bench warrant from Lansing for failure to appear, Carroll said.

The man, who eventually got out of the mud, was arrested. He is now facing additional charges of resisting arrest and obstructing.