Dragonfly photo wings its way into Celebrate Michigan finals

The Detroit News

After a light rain shower in June, Suzette Kandow of Presque Isle went out on her lakeside deck to check on her flowers.

 “Several of these newborn clubtail dragonflies had found their way to the deck,” she said. “But this little guy seemed to be searching for something more as he flew onto the fuchsia plant.  

   “I went back into the house, grabbed my iPad, and took a couple quick shots. When I checked this one photo, I spotted the droplet of rain water sitting just out of his reach on the fuchsia petal. I was so excited to see the level of detail in his wings, the mirror quality of the droplet, and the bright vibrant colors of the fuchsia plant. 

"Seeking Perfect Water," by Suzette Kandow of Presque Isle.  A clubtail dragonfly spies a droplet of rain on a fuchsia plant.

“A clubtail dragonfly had gone seeking the perfect water and with his search, he gave me the perfect gift.”  

Kandow’s “Seeking Perfect Water” joins three other perfect photos as this week’s finalists in The Detroit News’ Celebrate Michigan Photo Contest, now entering the final days of the Woods and Wildlife theme.  You have until noon Friday to enter your photos of Michigan flora and fauna at https://apps.detroitnews.com/submitphotos

Other finalists chosen this week: 

  • “Adventure,” by Rachel Appold of Howell. Appold’s 2-year-old cat Simba loves to look for catnip in the backyard. “He slowly crawled around in search for the herb, while munching on long grass along the way,” she said. “Simba’s face showed that he was in heaven.”
  • “Colt and Goose Converse,” By John Fortener of Allen Park. “While birdwatching at Kensington Metropark, I came upon this sandhill crane family with an adopted goose,” he said. “I heard of this blended family prior to visiting the park, but this was my first interaction with them.  It looks as if the goose is asking the colt, ‘What do you want to do next?’”  
  • “Early Morning Takeoff,” by Charles Gammon of Brighton. “I was standing on a point at Kent Lake and saw two swans land to my right,” he said. “To my left (another) swan started swimming toward the two that had just landed and I thought it might fly toward them to chase them off. Sure enough it took off and went across the water right in front of me.” 

 The contest’s final theme, Four-Season Fun, will run from noon Friday until August 16.  Share your photos of fun activities and beautiful scenes from any of Michigan's four seasons.

The contest is open to non-professional photographers age 18 and older. Go to https://detroitnews.com/celebrate-michigan to read the official rules and find weekly stories, plus a growing photo gallery of the finalists and winners selected to date.