2 women accused of hiring detective to carry out hit

Mike Martindale
The Detroit News

Waterford Township — Two township women “looking for street justice” appeared briefly in court Thursday in what investigators have described as a murder-for-hire plot that fell apart when they allegedly paid an undercover detective to do the job.

Dallys Emery Vogel, 19, and Mia Rae Buscemi, 18, have been charged with solicitation to commit murder and conspiracy to commit murder, both felonies that carry up to life in prison.

Judge Richard Kuhn of 51st District Court declined defense attorney Pamela Johnson’s requests to reduce bond for either defendant “due to the seriousness” of the alleged crimes. Both women were remanded back to Oakland County Jail until another pre-exam conference on Nov. 20.

Johnson, who was standing in for another attorney, had requested additional time to obtain police reports not yet available.

After first entering the courtroom and seeing family and friends, Buscemi buried her face in her hands and at one point appeared to be crying.

Vogel sat smiling and seemed unaffected by the proceedings.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said Wednesday the two women met with one of his detectives at a local coffee shop Nov. 4 where they allegedly specified the target, how they wanted the job done and paid $2,000. The target was identified only as a Flint man and he has been notified of the plot, Bouchard said.

“Buscemi lost a boyfriend in a shooting at a party in Flint two years ago,” Bouchard said. “The two women believe the man responsible got away with murder and were looking for street justice. They wanted him killed. They even bargained down the price.”

The Nov. 17, 2013, slaying of Wesley Gillmore, 16, is unsolved. Bouchard said the women’s intended “target” may have known Gillmore, but the man has never been charged in the teen’s death.

Investigators had information the women were looking to hire someone to do the killing and set up the Waterford meeting. After the negotiations were made, the pair was arrested and arraigned Nov. 6 before Kuhn who ordered them held on $100,000 cash surety bond each, no 10 percent bond.

Several friends and relatives wept during the hearing and in unison shouted out “We love you, Mia” and “We love you, Dallys” as they were escorted back to jail.

A couple who identified themselves as Mia’s guardians said she had been living with them, going to school and taking care of her infant child, who they said was fathered by Gillmore.

“You don’t know what she (Mia) has been through,” wept Rachel Kolp. “She was 15, pregnant and had her boyfriend die in her arms.”

Kolp said Buscemi “had been doing really good” but didn’t know that she was associating with Vogel, who she and others indicated may have been a bad influence.

“I can’t tell you why she may have did this,” Kolp said. “She didn’t say anything about hiring (a hitman). And if I knew Mia was seeing (Vogel) she wouldn’t have been allowed in the house.”

Oakland Circuit Court records reveal both women have had contacts with the law as juveniles. When Buscemi was 15 she was charged with assault and battery on two women at a McDonald’s restaurant. One victim was punched 20 times in the head, according to court records. She spent time in the Crossroads for Youth program, a facility for troubled teens.

Vogel allegedly threatened a former boyfriend and girlfriend to the point they both sought personal protection orders against her, fearing for their safety.


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