Lathrup Village — Fueled by a recent state suspension of a license permitting abortions at a Lathrup Village health clinic, several dozen anti-abortion advocates gathered Tuesday outside the facility demanding its permanent closure.

Last month, state officials suspended the license for the Women’s Center of Southfield on Southfield Road after health inspections found health code violations — the fifth time the facility has failed state inspections, according to Lynn Mills, a spokeswoman for Pro-Life Detroit.

“I have been looking into this abortion mill for 30 years,” said Mills, who stressed that one of its victims — a female patient — came forward recently to inform health investigators about alleged shortcomings, which led to its license suspension.

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs ordered the license suspension last month, noting among other issues a failure to maintain a sterile facility or have a qualified nurse present; no discussion of consent, risks or complications; and a failure to offer a patient an opportunity to view an active ultrasound image.

The findings stemmed from on-site reviews the department conducted in 2013 and this year as well as a complaint from a patient whose abortion “resulted in immediate, emergency hospitalization and surgery,” according to the order. State documents show the woman suffered a perforated uterus during a second-trimester procedure in February.

A hearing in Lansing is scheduled March 4 by the State Attorney General’s Office for possible permanent revocation of its license, she said. While the clinic can remain open to do physicals and counsel patients, no surgical procedures are permitted, she said.

The center is associated with Women’s Center of Michigan, which, according to its website, is a network of abortion clinics across Metro Detroit. Its director is listed as Dr. Jacob Kalo, “a board certified ob/gyn.”

Mills called for immediate inspections of four other Metro Detroit facilities Kalo and Dr. Reginald Sharpe are affiliated with in Detroit, Sterling Heights, Warren and West Bloomfield.

A worker who answered the telephone at the clinic Tuesday declined comment to The Detroit News and referred questions to a Bloomfield Hills law firm where attorneys Patricia A. Stamler and Victor Norris issued a statement regarding their client and the “Anti-Choice Protest”:

“Women’s Center of Southfield provides fundamental medical care to women including annual check-ups, oncology, general ob/gyn, birth control, colposcopies, D&Cs and lawful pregnancy terminations. This facility is one of the first facilities in Michigan to be licensed as a freestanding surgical outpatient facility and has held this license for many years.

“This facility has withstood decades of protests from the anti-choice movement. They have continually and relentlessly done everything possible to shut down this facility and other abortion facilities in Michigan and throughout the country. In large part the continually changing landscape of increased and complex regulations are attributable to the efforts of fervent anti-abortion groups seeking to make it impossible for these clinics to render affordable, necessary and desired medical services to women. These clinics have found themselves wrestling with compliance challenges that require implementation over time. Women’s Center of Southfield is challenging the State’s intent to revoke its license and the statements contained in the survey reports are contested.

“Dr. Kalo was not the physician who performed the procedure leading to a perforated uterus. That physician is no longer affiliated with Women’s Center of Southfield.”

Mills said there were still 24 clinics around the state offering outpatient surgical procedures.

Another speaker, Monica Migliano Miller, director of the Ann Arbor-based Citizens For a Pro-Life Society, said, “If this place is that bad what are the other places like?

“We demand it be shut down,” Miller said.

Some speakers, including Barbara Yagley of 40 Days for Life, a Southfield prayer ministry, used the upcoming Christmas celebration to dramatize their position and to call on citizens who have come to accept abortions, to change their attitudes.

“Jesus was not planned — at least not by Mary and Joseph,” Miller said. “But (Joseph) stood by her and the baby. And God rewarded him.”

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