Arthritis walk raises nearly $270,000

Ursula Watson
The Detroit News

Royal Oak —The sound of the determined footsteps of 3,000 participants of the Arthritis Foundation’s Detroit Walk to Cure Arthritis could be heard throughout the Detroit Zoo Saturday.

The annual walk raised nearly $270,000. The money is used to support Arthritis Foundation programs, services and research that help people who have arthritis.

“I’m always amazed by the people who attend our walks and support the Foundation,” said Michelle Glazier, a vice president of the Arthritis Foundation, Great Lakes Region. “They are very loyal and caring people who simply want to make a difference and help others... .”

According to the foundation 2.3 million adults and 10,300 children in Michigan have arthritis – 31 percent of the population.

Arthritis causes slow and painful deterioration of the body’s bones, ligaments, cartilage and tendons. Its the leading cause of cause of disability in the United States. There is no cure and the cause is unknown.

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