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Sheriff offers back-to-school security training

WaterfordTownship — The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office will train school personnel Thursday how to deal with security threats and critical incidents.

The training for bus drivers, staff, technicians, transportation supervisors and school liaison officers will be held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Oakland Schools, 2111 Pontiac Lake Road in Waterford.

“Training educators, staff and those who work to ensure students’ safety is critical to protect our children during the school day,” Sheriff Michael Bouchard said in a statement. “While we hope to never see a critical incident or threat take place, it is our duty to prepare and train for any scenario that could arise.”

Participants are expected to help pass along the training to colleagues in time for the start of school.

U.S. schools have been ramping up security measures with safety drills and parent notificaton systems in recent years following the massacre at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School, a government survey found in May.

The survey found that 88 percent of public schools had a written plan of how to respond to an active shooter, and that 7 out of 10 had drills to practice the plan. About three-quarters of schools reported using security cameras, and 43 percent said they used security personnel at least once a week.

The practice session follows an incident in which two Berkley middle school students, ages 13 and 14, allegedly created a “hit list” of 31 students and seven teachers in May.

And a Highland Township boy received mental health treatment and counseling after making Internet threats to “kill everyone” at Milford High School. Another Oakland County case involved a school threat allegedly by a 17-year-old Brandon High senior last year who said he was bullied. The teen received a 93-day jail sentence and three years of probation after entering a no-contest plea.

The threats caused a two-day lockdown.

Associated Press contributed to this report.