Berkley water service disrupted again after main break

The Detroit News

Some Berkley residents were expected to face water service disruptions Thursday night as public works crews repair a water main break near Oxford and Robina.

“Residents on Oxford from Coolidge to Robina and Kipling from Harvard to Oxford can expect to be without water for a few hours starting on or after 6 p.m.,” city officials said in a statement.

“Residents in the adjacent areas may experience cloudy or discolored water during and for several hours after the repair. This is not unusual and will clear up once water flows have moderated. We encourage customers to avoid washing clothes during this time as the discolored water may stain light colored fabrics.”

Those with water emergencies were asked to call the Public Safety Department at (248) 658-3380.

For questions, call the DPW at (248) 658-3490 between 7 a.m and 3:30 p.m.

The main break repair comes a day after water service disruptions associated with a water main gate replacement at Kenmore and Catalpa.