Vote online to name aquarium’s dexterous octopus

Evan Carter
The Detroit News

Auburn Hills — A local aquarium is turning to the public to find a name for its ink-spraying Enteroctopus dofleini.

Sea Life Michigan Aquarium is holding an online poll to determine the name of its female octopus. The 14-to 15-month-old Giant Pacific Octopus has been unnamed since the aquarium acquired it last December.

Voters can choose among the names Ursula, Octesha, Lola and Morrigan.

The poll, which is being hosted on WDIV-Local 4, will end on Friday with the winning name announced on Monday. Metro Detroiters can vote as many times as they like.

The octopus, which is not fully grown, weighs over 12 pounds and the main part of her body is about the size of a small watermelon. Her body is reddish-brown, but can change color if she feels endangered.

Sea Life Michigan’s unamed octopus’ body is reddish-brown, but can change color if she feels endangered.

The octopus is very intelligent and aquarium workers, or aquarists, often play games with her to keep her mentally stimulated. She can sometimes be seen unscrewing a jar to get her food. Her favorite foods are squid and shrimp.

She has a unique personality and gets excited when she meets new people.

“It’s just a fascinating creature and as an aquarium, we want to have a wide variety of creatures to entertain and educate our guests,” said Debbie Gibb, Sea Life’s marketing manager.

The octopus can be viewed in her special chilled and dark tank by any visitor.

Sea Life Aquarium located in Great Lakes Crossing is open seven days a week. Admission is $23.50 for adults and $18.50 for children with discounts for tickets online.