DEA raids small office building in Southfield

Holly Fournier and Robert Snell
The Detroit News

Southfield — Southfield police and officials with the Drug Enforcement Administration conducted a raid Tuesday at a small office building.

The building on 10 Mile, west of Southfield Road, is home to Abyssinia Love Knot, a clinic providing various types of physical and occupational therapy, according to a sign outside.

The building also hosts the Dominican International Institute.

Two people unrelated to the raid were taken from the building in handcuffs on outstanding warrants, exiting from the side of the building that houses the clinic. They were loaded into a white Southfield police van that left the scene around 12:15 p.m.

A witness wearing scrubs outside the building said officials arrived around 10 a.m. to raid the therapy clinic.

Several people, including officials and apparent employees of the clinic, remained gathered outside Tuesday afternoon.

Officials on the scene declined to comment, referring all questions to the DEA.

DEA spokesman Rich Isaacson confirmed agents are searching the building but would not describe the nature of the investigation.