Troy — A 42-year-old woman faces charges after an incident in a store parking lot in which she allegedly doused another woman's shoes with gasoline during an argument and tried to light them on fire.

Police said the incident took place at 4 p.m. Friday in a Walmart lot at 2001 West Maple where a victim said she was sitting inside her vehicle when it was struck by a shopping cart. The woman stepped out and confronted another woman who admitted she had been pushing the cart.

During the argument the victim said the other woman grabbed a gas can and threw gasoline at her, wetting her shoes, and then searched for a lighter. The victim said after she knocked the gas can off the woman's car the woman then picked it up and threw it, hitting her in the back.

The pair then got into a fight and had to be separated. Witnesses confirmed the altercation to police and the woman was to be charged with assault with intent to maim.

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