Orion Township — A woman who arrived home last Wednesday to find her apartment robbed, benefited from a show of good cheer courtesy of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.

Heather Meiser, 25, arrived home last Wednesday, just before midnight, to find her door ajar. She didn’t think much of it; she’d stopped at home during her break at work. Maybe, Meiser thought, she’d forgotten to pull the door shut.

Then she started looking around — Christmas gifts for her three boys, 8, 6 and 1.5, were missing.

So was her laptop.

So was her wedding ring.

Her boys were with a babysitter when the house was robbed. But for a single mom who’d gone through a divorce and moved to Michigan this year to be closer to family, this was a tough way to end 2015.

After Meiser was certain she’d been robbed, she called the police. They arrived, processed the scene for evidence, and gave Meiser her copy of the paperwork. Standard procedure.

But what the Oakland County sheriff’s deputies did next was anything but standard.

Meiser was asked to go to the Orion Township Sub-Station on Monday. The police had some things for her to see. When she arrived, Meiser was given a Christmas card and a $150 Meijer gift card, which would allow her to replace what was stolen.

“I broke down in tears,” Meiser told The News. “It was amazing. I didn’t even know what to say. I feel like God really is on my side right now,” Meiser said.

Meiser says she’ll probably move out of her apartment . She said thieves also stole her peace of mind.

“I don’t feel comfortable there,” she said. “It’s scary.”

The case remains open. Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff’s tip line at 1-888-TURN-1-IN. A cash reward is available for information leading to an arrest.

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