Numerous coyote sightings reported in Troy

The Detroit News

Troy – — People aren’t the only ones clamoring to live in Troy.

So are coyotes.

The city has received so many complaints about the animals that it has begun distributing the names of nuisance companies that can remove them.

“They’re a pest,” said Tyler Wilson, who has spotted a coyote near his woodsy backyard several times. “They’re scary.”

Coyotes have been sighted 117 times during the past two years in Troy, mostly in the northern half of the city, a report says.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources estimates the city has 30-40 coyotes.

The coyotes are attracted by a bounty of dining choices, including squirrels, possums and raccoons, said nuisance companies.

Also, the coyotes are protected by laws against hunting or trapping them, said Jeff Stonerock of ACT Live Trapping in Auburn Hills.

“There are no natural predators to coyotes,” he said. “They’re the top of the food chain.”

Coyotes aren’t as dangerous as some people think, said wildlife experts. Michigan doesn’t have any cases of coyotes attacking humans, said the DNR. Coyotes sometimes attack people’s pets but that, too, is rare, said experts.

Still, the nocturnal creatures are a hot topic in Troy, with residents buzzing about recent sightings.

City police aren’t equipped to deal with coyotes, so the city put out a list of nuisance companies that can handle the animals.

The service can be costly, running from $300 to $750. Stonerock recommends that neighbors join to split the cost.

If the coyotes present an immediate danger, people should call police, said Troy officials.

Coyote control

Here are the nuisance companies suggested by the city:

■ ACT Live Trapping (248) 475-4550

■Critters Be Gone: Mark Evans, (248) 722-2058

■Goreman’s Wildlife Removal: Benjamin Foreman, (248) 894-1944

■Animal Control Specialist: Trent Masterson, (248) 431-8712

Other firms can be found at