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Novi officer OK after he’s dragged about 60 feet by car

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

A Novi police officer was dragged about 60 feet Monday after going “above and beyond” to help a woman who was to be arrested during a minor traffic stop, Assistant Chief Erick Zinser said.

The stop occurred about 2:13 a.m. when a woman in a silver 2016 Hyundai was driving north on Haggerty, north of Eight Mile. The officer pulled her over for a minor traffic violation and found she had multiple warrants for her arrest in addition to driving on a suspended license, Zinser said.

She also had two children in the car.

The officer had asked the woman to step out of the vehicle, but let her re-enter to grab her cellphone and make arrangements to have the children picked up.

Rather than make arrangements, the woman started to flee in the car, Zinser said.

The officer held on as long as he could, about 60 feet, but eventually let go. He was treated for minor cuts and bruises and sent home for the day to recover. He will need a follow-up appointment to be cleared to return to the streets, Zinser said.

Police still are looking for the woman, whose identity they declined to share.

The officer, Zinser said, “went above and beyond” in trying to let the woman make the call.

“We stress helping people out as much as we can,” Zinser said.