Reading bet has teacher puckering up for pig

The Detroit News

Everyone was squealing, even the pig, as a teacher at Alameda Early Childhood Center in Farmington Hills planted a wet one on the little porker after his pupils read more than 5,500 books.

The youngsters had been challenged to read 4,000 books this year, officials said. Terry Schneider, the science/media specialist at Alameda, promised to pucker up with a swine if they met the goal.

Lo and behold, after the readers turned in their recording sheets, Schneider learned they “totally crushed” that mark. So, he kept his word and kissed 1-year-old “Dillon” (the pig) during Alameda’s Scholastic Book Fair “Reading Adventure” Family Night on Wednesday.

State Rep. Christine Greig, D-Farmington Hills, also attended and read “If You Give a Pig a Pancake,” a book written by one of the school’s favorite authors, Laura Numeroff.