A customer unhappy with how Kroger workers decorated a birthday cake led to an uproar in the store and sparked an investigation, Bloomfield Township authorities said.

The probe stems from a manager’s complaint that a woman threw a fit Saturday afternoon when picking up a “Superman v. Batman” confection she special-ordered at the store on Telegraph.

The manager told police the customer “was not satisfied with the decoration on the cake so she went behind the bakery counter in an attempt to fix it herself,” investigators said in a statement.

Employees warned the area was off-limits, which apparently prompted the woman enough for “her to take the cake to the front of the counter and ‘drop kick’ it,” police said.

The kerfuffle “caused pieces of cake and frosting to be strewn about,” police said.

A witness told officials the woman “threw the cake to the ground, stepped on it several times, and yelled: ‘They (expletive) ruined my 7-year-old’s birthday cake!’ ”

On her way out, the unhappy patron also allegedly kicked over a “wet floor” sign, police said.

She was gone by the time officers were dispatched, but they had no trouble finding her.

“Because the cake was a special order, the woman’s name and phone number were on file at the store,” police said.

When officers reached the woman, she told them the “the poor quality of the decoration” upset her and it “was not as she expected.”

The customer then offered another explanation for the confectionary conflict, telling investigators she only went behind the counter because employees said she could.

The woman also denied kicking the cake, saying “it accidentally slipped out of her hand,” police said.

Kroger does not have video of the incident. However, the investigation is ongoing.

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