Rescue: Veterinary records prove ‘Diggy’ is a bulldog

Holly Fournier
The Detroit News

Veterinary records prove Diggy, the famous smiling dog of Waterford Township, is an American bulldog and not an illegal pit bull, according to the Detroit Dog Rescue that helped placed him in his adoptive home.

“We were told the paperwork would be directed to the township prosecutor,” rescue officials wrote in a Tuesday Facebook post. “Diggy’s owners and our organization arranged to meet with the prosecutor in an infraction conference and the city will determine the date.

“However, we are sincerely hoping that after a review of even more paperwork stating Diggy is indeed an American Bulldog, a decision will be made sooner than the infraction conference.”

The Diggy controversy ignited after he was adopted by Waterford musician Dan Tillery, who posed for a smiling picture with his new pup. The photograph was posted to the rescue group’s Facebook page, where it quickly went viral, gathering 28,000 reactions, more than 1,000 comments and 6,700 shares as of early Thursday.

There were two simultaneous reactions: Delight over the canine’s ear-to-ear grin and suspicion about the dog’s breed. Some say he appeared to be at least part pit bull, a breed banned in Waterford for more than 20 years.

Complaints drew police to Tillery’s Waterford home, where he was cited for owning a banned pup. Nearly 300 Diggy supporters gathered Tuesday evening at a township board meeting, where Police Chief Scott Underwood said Tillery would be allowed to keep the dog for 10 days as a court decides his fate.

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