Rochester Hills bar ceiling facade collapses, 4 injured

By Mark HIcks, Daniel Mears and Holly Fournier

A section of the ceiling facade over a bar collapsed Tuesday night at a Rochester Hills tavern, sending four patrons to the hospital with head injuries, according to officials.

Emergency personnel were called to Muldoon’s near West Auburn and South Adams at about 8:30 p.m. when someone reported the roof had caved in, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office said.

About 25 people were at the bar, said Nancy Butty, Rochester Hills fire and life safety educator.

No one was trapped inside by the time fire crews arrived, but four people were hospitalized for "head-related injuries," she said.

"I haven't gotten an update on them today," Butty said Wednesday morning.

"But we did check in last night and all were doing well at the time. It was a best case scenario" that there weren't more serious injuries, she said.

Butty emphasized that the fallen facade had been hanging from the ceiling, which did not collapse during the incident. The building's structure does not appear to be damaged.

"It wasn't the ceiling that fell, just to clarify that," Butty said Wednesday morning. "It was a decorative facade that went around the entire bar that was held up by metal fasteners. It was part of the original structure and for whatever reason last night was the night that it gave out."

The tavern was closed as a result of the damage, Butty said. It was unclear when it would reopen.

"They need to make sure all the electrical is intact and back to being in a safe condition for everyone," she said. "The owner was pretty concerned about what took place. He's owned (Muldoon's) for a long time and there's never been any issues. It was just one of those unforeseeable things that just happen."

A county building inspector was expected to survey the damage, officials said.