Pontiac shooting probed — without help from victim

Mark Hicks
The Detroit News

The young man showed up at the hospital emergency room early Tuesday with a gunshot wound yet refused to tell Oakland County Sheriff’s deputies how it happened.

Authorities still are seeking the people accused of targeting and injuring the 23-year-old. But he didn’t seem to help his case.

Deputies were called to McLaren Oakland hospital in Pontiac at about 1:42 a.m. to interview the city resident undergoing treatment for his left leg, the Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

They found the vehicle he came in but “were unable to ascertain any viable information regarding the incident from the victim, who was not cooperative and lied about how and where the shooting took place,” the release read.

Detectives later learned it happened about three miles away, at an apartment complex in the 700 block of Newman Court. While trying to track down witnesses, deputies found an apartment as well as a pair of vehicles damaged during the shooting, investigators said.

The officers learned two adults and three young children lived in the unit but were asleep when shots rang out.

Witnesses eventually told deputies more about what unfolded there: The victim “was being chased by three males that were shooting indiscriminately at him,” the Sheriff’s Office said.

No one else reported injuries in the aftermath. Combing the scene for evidence, investigators collected a single bullet fragment, which was submitted to a forensic laboratory.

Sheriff’s officials are continuing to investigate the incident.