Cops: Robbery suspect hides near police station

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

Four robbery suspects panicked when police arrived at a Southfield home Tuesday, and ran in different directions — one of them running into the waiting arms of police, according to Southfield police.

The incident started at 1:46 p.m. Tuesday, when what police describe as an “alert” neighbor called 911 after seeing four men, ages 18-21, enter a neighbor’s backyard on the 30000 block of Grosvenor.

When police arrived, the four men were still inside the home. They tried to escape, running in different directions to evade police, according to Lt. Ted Goff of the Southfield Police Department.

One of them crossed 13 Mile and chose the worst hiding place possible: outside the Beverly Hills Department of Public Safety. When police found him there, he made matters worse, scaling a wall and jumping down to the ground, only find himself in the back parking lot of the public safety building, Goff said.

He and the other three were arrested after a brief foot chase.

Goff attributed the way the chase went and the fact the quartet allegedly chose a home across the street from a police station to the suspects’ lack of familiarity with the area. The men, ages 18, 19, 20 and 21, hail from Detroit.

“It’s a relatively quiet area,” Goff said of Grosvenor Court. “We do relatively few runs out there.”

The home on Grosvenor was empty when the theft occurred. Police were able to recover clothing and electronic items that were allegedly taken.