4 schools in Rochester district closed Tues., Wed.

The Detroit News

Four elementary schools will be closed the next two days at Rochester Community Schools following a fire marshal’s order.

There will be no school for Hugger, Musson, Brewster and University Hills Elementary schools Tuesday and Wednesday, according to a notice on the district’s website.

The posting follows a state fire marshal’s order “which requires all kindergarten and first-grade classrooms to be located on the lower level of each building,” the district said in a post under “Superintendent’s Spotlight.”

The school closings will “enable us to comply with this state mandate and safely relocate the classes ...,” the post by Superintendent Robert Shaner continued.

The district will offer free non-instructional “day camps” in unaffected areas of the pupils’ schools, the district said, including in gymnasiums and cafeterias. The day camps will be supervised by teachers and para-educators. Children are expected to remain in these locations for what would be the length of a normal school day, the district said.

Lunch will be offered, the district said, or children can bring their own lunches. Register here.

The order was apparently triggered by a “concerned citizen,” the superintendent said in the post.

“When a local fire marshal receives a call from a concerned citizen, they are required to report the concern to the State Fire Marshal, who has jurisdiction over all schools,” Shaner said. “Although the initial complaint about the Hugger bond project was found to be unsubstantiated, the State Fire Marshal was still obligated to perform an inspection of the entire building. It was during this inspection that the issue was identified as a concern requiring immediate reconciliation.”

The district said that since site plans were “originally approved by the state, it was our understanding these buildings were considered to be grandfathered until bond renovations were complete.”

Voters in 2015 passed a request to borrow up to $185 million and issue general obligation bonds for school upgrades, which includes remodeling schools and improving sites.