Suspect in custody in 2 Oak Park fatal shootings

Mark Hicks
The Detroit News

A man was in custody in the fatal shooting of two women in Oak Park on Wednesday night, police said.

The incident was reported at about 7 p.m. in the 21000 block of Church. One of the victims was found shot in a vehicle outside the ranch-style home where the other victim had been found fatally struck.

Oak Park Public Safety said officers were called to the scene on a report of two victims shot in a vehicle. When they arrived, officers found one in the vehicle. They discovered another inside the home.

“The suspect turned himself into our custody shortly after the incident,” said Steve Cooper, director of public safety, on Wednesday night.

Neighbors said the women were sisters and the man was married to one of the victims. It was unclear who lived in the house.

Shortly after the gunfire, neighbors reported seeing a young person, who they believed to be one of the victims' daughter, fleeing to another home on the block.

Investigators remained at the scene after 11 p.m., canvassing the area near the vehicle draped in a cover.

Meanwhile, a group of neighborhood residents stood behind yellow police tape, feet away from an Oakland County Sheriff forensic laboratory vehicle.

Many expressed shock over a double tragedy in a neighborhood they described as generally peaceful.

“It’s sad. It’s tragic,” said Dawn Corporan, who lives nearby and rushed to the scene once she spotted police. “I’m hurt to know it’s so close to home.”

Another man who lives on another street wondered what might have sparked the incident.

“It’s traumatic,” he said while standing near the scene. “Whatever it was, it shouldn’t have escalated like that.”