Jaywalking leads to man’s arrest on Eight Mile

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

A 41-year-old Royal Oak Township man was arrested after making contact with police Wednesday night for allegedly jaywalking, police said.

Michigan State Police are making jaywalking a point of emphasis of late to combat vehicle-on-pedestrian crashes.

“People wandering across the street, not using crosswalks, creates a danger,” said Lt. Mike Shaw of the Michigan State Police. “Sometimes they wear dark clothes and people don’t see them.”

On Wednesday night, state troopers patrolling Eight Mile noticed a pedestrian jaywalking northbound from the center median to the north side of Eight Mile.

Troopers made contact with the man, who did not have identification, and were able to ID him verbally. At that point police learned that the man had a misdemeanor and a felony assault warrant out of the 36th District Court in Detroit.

While the man was only issued a verbal warning for the jaywalking, police did make the arrest on the outstanding warrants, and the man was turned over to the Detroit Police Department “without incident,” a statement said.

The point of the jaywalking stops is not to write tickets, but to spread awareness, Shaw said.

“Occasionally, we get some bad people off the streets, too,” after such stops, Shaw said.