Pontiac court bomb suspect has history of threats

Mike Martindale

Pontiac — A 24-year-old man Pontiac man formally charged Thursday for allegedly threatening to blow up the Oakland Circuit Courthouse and to kill Judge Lisa Gorcyca has a history of threatening people with harm, according to Oakland Circuit Court records.

Anthony Jeffrey Brodie was charged Thursday with making a false report or threat of terrorism in a video arraignment from the Oakland County Jail, where he is held, before Pontiac 50th District Judge Rhonda Gross. She set bond at $500,000 cash surety.

Brodie, who pleaded not guilty, will have an Oct. 6 probable cause hearing, faces up to 20 years in prison. He was not represented Thursday and has requested a court appointed attorney.

A paint store salesman who received a general discharge from the U.S. Navy, Brodie has been the subject of personal protection orders from his ex-wife, her mother and a friend over the past five years, court records show. In each case, 5-foot-9, 135-pound Brodie allegedly threatened everyone with physical harm, even death.

In one case a 25-year-old Clarkston man, who described himself as Brodie’s friend, claimed Brodie assaulted him after Brodie had been asked to leave the house of a mutual friend.

In the July 2014 incident, Alexander Weiss, claimed Brodie damaged his truck and “he attacked me striking me multiple times and putting me in fear of my life,” according to court records. He also claimed Brodie slandered and threatened him on social media.

Weiss said the matter was not pursued because he was viewed as “uncooperative” with authorities. He did not return telephone calls Thursday for comment.

Brodie was arrested Wednesday in Ann Arbor by the U.S. Marshals Detroit Fugitive Apprehension Team after an investigation by authorities in Macomb and Oakland counties.

Oakland County Undersheriff Michael McCabe said Brodie allegedly told an acquaintance on Sept. 4 he was fearful Gorcyca would not rule in his favor in a custody case. According to investigators, Brodie said he would kill Gorcya and blow up the Oakland Circuit Court building.

Brodie allegedly indicated he was “ready and willing to go to war” and had been researching Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing. According to investigators, Brodie “agreed with McVeigh’s view on the government.”

Much of Brodie’s trouble — and reportedly the genesis of his alleged anger toward Gorcyca — concerns a custody battle over his son with his ex-wife, Kelsey Dyson.

Court records reveal Dyson filed for divorce in November 2012 while he was on active service. The couple, who had only been married seven months, have a son born in July 2011.

The divorce, assigned to Gorcyca, was granted in September 2013 with her awarding joint parental custody and visitation for Brodie.

But the ex-couple have been battling over sole custody of the boy for more than a year. Legal issues mounted after the ex-wife was evicted from her Commerce Township apartment in September 2015, was allegedly homeless for two months and finally put the boy and a child from another man in the care of the children’s maternal grandmother in the Grand Rapids area, according to court records.

Brodie maintained his ex-wife had substance abuse problems and was not maintaining parenting time nor providing him with court-ordered joint custody. His former mother-in-law did not know where to contact her daughter, Brodie told the court in his effort to obtain sole physical custody.

A hearing on the custody matter was adjourned earlier this month by mutual agreement according to court record. Brodie’s attorney could not be reached for comment Thursday.

According to court reports, there have been questions raised by each side about the parental fitness of the other. One Friend of the Court report noted the ex-wife had a history of operating a vehicle while intoxicated in 2013 and Brodie “has a history of involvement with the legal system for assault.

“Mr. Brodie reports a history of ADHD and taking Adderall to control the symptoms,” a family counselor wrote in an April 2016 report to the court. “There is a lengthy history of poor impulse control and anger management issues with respect to” his relationship with his ex-wife and her mother.

ADHD is short for attention deficit hyperactivity defect, a treatable medical condition that affects an estimated 17 million children and adults in the U.S.

In a June 2011 PPO request, Dyson — then pregnant but not yet married to Brodie — alleged a few months after they began dating Brodie became increasingly upset when he couldn’t locate her and “is making death threats against me, my family and friends. He has made arson threats multiple times and rape threats against my mom.”


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