Man buys $200 of iTunes gift cards in computer scam

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

Bloomfield Township police are looking for tips after a man working by phone allegedly scammed a man out of hundreds of dollars, under the guise that he’d fix the man’s computer.

The scam took place on Sept. 30 and affected a man who lives on the 700 block of Weybridge, police said in a statement.

The man told police he got a call from a man with a “thick foreign accent,” purporting himself to be a salesman, Mark Smith, from Hewlett-Packard. That phone call came from (601) 633-1493, police said.

The victim let the fake Mark Smith access his computer remotely. Soon after, it stopped working. The fake Smith told the man that he would need to buy $200 worth of iTunes gift cards to get his computer fixed.

The victim complied, and read back information for the cards to the man on the phone.

The computer was never fixed. Then the man called back and asked the victim to buy more iTunes gift cards — $400 worth, this time.

This time, the victim got suspicious and called 911. Police are investigating the fraud.