Bloomfield Twp. theft caught on camera leads to arrest

Mark Hicks
The Detroit News

A man accused of stealing an expensive speaker in Bloomfield Township this month didn’t get far — mainly because the owner caught him on camera, authorities say.

On Nov. 11, officers were called to a building on Telegraph where the victim stores his collection of vintage stereo equipment. Earlier that day, he spotted “a man pushing a dolly with a speaker on it,” police said in a statement. “The man loaded the speaker into his vehicle and drove away from the area.”

The owner captured the incident on his cell phone, but it wasn’t until after returning to the storage area that he noticed the speaker missing, according to the release.

Using the information he provided, officers learned the red vehicle used in the larceny was from Grosse Pointe Farms. Police there found it was being driven by John Wood, a 30-year-old from Detroit.

Detectives interviewed Wood, “who admitted to taking the speaker along with a stereo receiver from the office,” police said Thursday. “The items were at his home and were later recovered.”

Wood was arrested and charged with larceny in a building. He was arraigned Saturday then released on a $10,000 bond.