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3 men charged in Bloomfield Twp. thefts

Mark Hicks

Creative stories won’t cover up a crime. That’s a lesson three men charged with larcenies in Bloomfield Township this week may be considering.


Jawan Goldsmith

In one incident, two men were caught not far from the site where they allegedly tried to steal from a car early Monday, police said.

Officers were called to the Whethersfield apartment complex at Telegraph and Quarton at about 2 a.m. when a caller spotted a suspicious van with its headlights off, slowly driving through, police said.

When officers arrived, they found the van running and the two men standing near the driver’s side.

The pair then “abruptly got into the van and drove off,” but officers stopped them before the van left the complex, investigators said in a statement.

The men, clad in heavy, cold-weather gear and carrying flashlights in their pockets, said they were dropping off a friend. However, “officers saw a floor jack and two 4-way tire wrenches with snow on them in the back of the van,” according to the release.


Jason Brownlee

Officers checked the complex and found a Lincoln nearby with its lugnuts removed; nearby, they spotted “landscape blocks and footprints matching the men’s footwear,” authorities said.

Both the driver, Jawan Goldsmith, 41, of Pontiac, and his passenger, 32 year-old Jason Brownlee of Lake Orion, were arrested and charged with attempted larceny from an automobile. They were arraigned in 48th District Court and held at the Oakland County Jail pending their next court appearance, which is scheduled for Jan. 3.

In another case of a story not adding up, Cheikh Ka of Pontiac ended up behind bars soon after spinning a tall tale to conceal a crime, police said.


Cheikh Ka

Investigators learned a member of LA Fitness on Telegraph noticed his car keys missing from a coat he had hung on a rack at the gym Sunday morning.

He and another customer went back to the car and found Ka inside with the keys, police said. The 22 year-old told them “he lost his glasses and somebody inside the club gave him the victim’s keys because the glasses were inside the victim’s car,” police said Wednesday.

All three went back inside the club to talk to that person but never found him.

Once officers were called to the scene, they searched Ka’s pockets. They found “the reporting victim’s cell phone charger from his car, burglary tools and a cell phone that was stolen from another member’s locker,” authorities said.

Ka was arrested and charged with one count of larceny from auto and two counts of larceny in a building. He was arraigned Tuesday. Bond was $10,000. He is due back in court on Jan. 3.