Video: Man charged in hitting pregnant girlfriend

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

A 23-year-old Commerce Township man is in custody after allegedly taking a bus from Oregon to Commerce Township, hitting his pregnant girlfriend, punching a Meijer employee, then being zapped with a Taser before being arrested.

A man punches an employee in the Meijer store in Commerce Twp. on Jan. 30, 2017. The suspect is believed to have been arguing with his girlfriend when the employee tried to intervene. Charges are pending.

The man, identified as Chase Robert Mathews, has a multi-state criminal history, the Oakland County Sheriff's Office announced Wednesday. In Duluth, Georgia, he faced a charge of criminal trespass. In Buena Vista, New Jersey, possession of burglary tools. In Plainfield, Connecticut, larceny. And in Hillsboro, Oregon, possession of meth and criminal trespass.

On Sunday night, a man police identify as Mathews was caught on tape punching a Meijer employee who tried to intervene during a domestic argument between Mathews and his pregnant girlfriend, a 19-year-old from Commerce Township woman.

Police arrived at the Meijer on the 1700 block of Haggerty on 6:52 p.m. Sunday after a 911 call. Mathews and his girlfriend had been arguing, the sheriff’s office said in a statement, in the store's parking lot before she ran inside for help. Police say Mathews followed her, trying to take away her cellphone so as to prevent her from calling 911.

An employee of the store, a 23-year-old Farmington Hills man, attempted to intervene and help the woman, but the suspect punched him in the face and fled the store. The incident was captured on camera. The incident in question takes place in the top right quadrant of the screen.

Mathews was arraigned Tuesday in 52-1 District Court in Novi on charges of felony resisting and obstructing, assault and battery (on the store employee) and domestic assault and given a bond of $100,000. He remains held in the Oakland County Jail. ​