DNA samples to be taken from man charged in heist

Mike Martindale
The Detroit News

Clarkston — Samples of DNA can be taken from a suspect in the December armed robbery in which a jeweler was shot in the back during a holdup by two ski-masked gunmen, a district judge ruled Tuesday.

Roy Lee Genright, 48, of Detroit and Jimmy Walker Jr., 51, of Detroit were both before Clarkston 52-2nd District Judge Joseph Fabrizio on Tuesday for a probable cause conference.

Fabrizio approved assistant prosecutor Robert Novy’s request to obtain DNA samples from Walker to be used to compare with evidence, including clothing, left behind in a rented car abandoned after the incident.

“If this was part of a search warrant request after the robbery, it would be routine and approved, so I see no reason not to approve it,“ Fabrizio said in granting the request.

Oakland County Sheriff’s investigators said the pair participated in the Dec. 17 armed robbery of the Clarkston Jewelry Outlet on Dixie Highway and during a confrontation, shot Daniel Chiappelli, the owner of the business, in the back.

Chiappelli had struggled with one of two men who made off with cash, jewelry and a handgun from the store safe.

Despite being wounded, Chiappelli followed the pair in his pickup truck and slammed into their getaway vehicle in a nearby cemetery while one suspect fired several more gunshots at him.

According to authorities, the pair fled on foot, and Genright was chased down by deputies while Walker ran from the cemetery across a frozen lake, broke into an unoccupied house and stole a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. He was arrested about a month later in Hamtramck by the sheriff’s fugitive team and U.S. Marshal’s Office.

Both Genright and Walker are 2015 parolees with a history of convictions over the past 30 years, including armed robbery and assault with intent to murder.

The pair are jailed in lieu of $1 million cash surety bond each on the charges that carry up to life in prison.

Genright and Walker were scheduled Tuesday for Feb. 24 preliminary examinations.

Genright’s defense attorney, Steven Lynch, and Walker’s attorney, Jeffrey Quas, told Fabrizio the date should provide time to go over several hundred pages of discovery provided by Novy.


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