Pit-bull mix found outside Pontiac shelter improving

Charles E. Ramirez
The Detroit News

Pontiac — A male pit bull-terrier mix named Winston is recovering after he was found earlier this month emaciated and barely able to stand outside an animal shelter.

“Considering the condition he was in, Winston is looking good,” said Lauren Davenport, a vet with Advanced Animal Hospital in Sterling Heights, in a statement Monday. He has gained 12 pounds since she and the Michigan Animal Rescue League’s staff began treating him, she said.

Winston was found Feb. 7 cowering in a bush outside the rescue league’s Pontiac facility by a volunteer, who was walking another dog. He had a 15-foot rope tied around his neck.

The group began caring for the dog and posted his story on its Facebook page.

Davenport said Winston’s weight gain is a good indication his health is improving. A healthy dog Winston’s size should weigh between 60-65 pounds; Winston weighs about 56 pounds, she said.

His temperament has improved. “He has really come out of his shell and is so trusting of people. It is wonderful to see,” she said.

Magee Humes, the league’s executive director, said despite Winston’s improving health, he needs more time to recover.

“He still has patches of hair loss and his skin is not yet fully healed,” she said in a statement. “If all continues to go well medically, we are guessing he could be ready for adoption in about three weeks or so. In the meantime, we are making sure he gets plenty of exercise, love and attention so that he is ready for that perfect forever home.”

Anyone interested in adopting Winston should call the Michigan Animal Rescue League at (248) 335-9290.