Officer whose patrol car hit home violated policy

Candice Williams

A Lake Orion police officer whose patrol car struck a home last month after he became ill has been found to be in violation of department policy, officials said Monday.

The 12-year veteran was not feeling well when he reported for his 12-hour shift on Jan. 21. He became increasingly ill as his shift progressed and he did not request to be relieved from duty, officials said.

No alcohol, drugs or medications were involved in the incident and the officer was not on a mobile communication device, police said.

“The cause of the crash was the result of the sudden effects of the illness that impacted the officer’s ability during his shift,” police said in a statement Monday. “The officer was placed on immediate sick leave until he was medically cleared to return to duty.”

According to police, the incident occurred around 4:10 a.m. Jan. 21 when the officer lost control of his squad car and struck the northeast corner of the intersection of East Flint and Washington Street.

The homeowners were awakened by the crash. No one was injured, said police. The officer had minor injuries.

The officer, who has not been identified, received corrective action following crash investigations conducted by the department and an outside law enforcement agency. Officials did not specify what action was taken.

“In addition, we conducted re-training with all officers on the effects of night-shift work, night-time driving and adherence to safe motor vehicle operations standards,” said Police Chief Jerry Narsh in a statement. “I take this incident seriously, and any incident where there could be a public concern. I have full confidence in this officer, who has cooperated fully and deeply regrets the incident and the damage it caused to one of our resident’s home and to police equipment.”

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