Student disciplined for bringing noose to Ferndale HS

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

A student at Ferndale High School is “going through the disciplinary process” and is “not currently in school” after allegedly bringing a noose to the school and showing it to other students last week.

Blake Prewitt, superintendent of Ferndale Public Schools, said the incident took place last Thursday, and came to light when “a group of four or five students, as soon as they saw it, went to the administrators and let them know.”

Administrators took it from there and “dealt with the situation,” Prewitt said. While the student is in the disciplinary process, Prewitt declined to share what the discipline entails or give details on the student’s age, gender, or grade level.

“I can’t comment on student discipline,” Prewitt said.

Ferndale High School has about 770 students, about 55 percent of which are black.

The school held an assembly on Friday to “bring the issue to the forefront, let students know this isn’t what we stand for as a community,” Prewitt said. “We don’t sweep things like this under the carpet. We are diverse and inclusive, and our students reiterated that in the assembly.”

The student suspected in the incident had it in his backpack and was allegedly showing it to other students, Prewitt said.

“That’s something a student definitely shouldn’t have in school and definitely shouldn’t be showing to students,” he said.