Orion Twp. 911 call: 'Neighbor’s 3-story house is now 1'

Nicquel Terry
The Detroit News

Orion Township — Before the 911 operator could answer the call, a woman on the line took deep breaths and her voice shook as she exclaimed “Oh, God.”

Her neighbors’ house had exploded, she told the operator, and “they need help quick.”

The damage was evident.

“My neighbor’s three-story house is now one story,” the woman said.

She told the operator she heard screaming. Moments later, she had one of the victims at her side.

“I’ve got one 29-year-old ... the daughter,” the woman said of the discovery of Kym Dominguez. “The mom and dad are missing.”

Police on Friday released two 911 calls from people who called for help when the deadly explosion destroyed a home on the 400 block of Coats on Wednesday.

Crews responded about 8:30 p.m. Wednesday to find the remains of the home scattered across the property. Kym’s parents, Kathy and Bruce Dominguez, 57 and 65, respectively, died.

The explosion is under investigation and the department has not yet determined its cause.

As the woman on the 911 call continues talking to the operator and yelling for people to stay out the fire-engulfed house, the sounds of a crying unidentified girl can be heard in the background.

“We know there’s a fire, honey,” the woman said to her.

The operator asked about the people trapped in the house.

“Where was your dad?” the neighbor asks the 29-year-old woman. “He was in the living room. And the mom was in the living room also; they were watching TV.”

She then indicated the fire appeared to be in the kitchen on the right hand side of the house. Kym

Dominguez had cuts and scrapes, the woman said.

The other call came from a neighbor who told the operator she heard a “huge bang” and there was debris everywhere.

“It knocked stuff off our walls,” the woman said.

Fire Chief Robert Smith told reporters this week the home had a propane tank, but it was off at the time. He said arson wasn’t suspected.

After her home exploded and a fire broke out, Kym Dominguez tried to escape down a stairwell down a stairwell but it was destroyed in the explosion. Neighbor David Moen rescued the 29-year-old from the burning home.

Bruce, in the same time gap that allowed his daughter to be saved, made two cellphone calls to friends telling them he was trapped in the rubble, but none to 911, said Orion Township Supervisor Chris Barnett.

But his next-door neighbors did call. And their across-the-street neighbors called. And people from as far as two miles away called as well.

“We have a tight-knit community,” Barnett said.



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