With the help of a passerby who decided to intervene rather than keep driving, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Kentucky man carrying $5,000 in cash, as well as suspected marijuana and Ecstasy in Rochester Hills.

The 4:22 p.m.Thursday incident Rochester started with a traffic stop at Auburn and Lower Ridge Drive — north of South Boulevard and east of Livernois — after police allegedly witnessed the driver make a “traffic violation.”

Police say they could smell marijuana from inside the car. The driver denied having any.

Police asked the man to exit the vehicle. When he did, “a baggie of suspected marijuana” fell out of the vehicle.

Police attempted to arrest the man, and tried to place the 24-year-old Kentucky man’s hands behind his back so he could be handcuffed. But the man “refused verbal commands,” and resisted.

Police say a civilian who was driving in the area, and witnessing the struggle, physically intervened and helped hold the man so police could make the arrest.

As the police continued their search, they found $5,113 in cash in the man’s left jacket pocket. Inside the vehicle, they found a “brownish substance concealed in a pill bottle,” which came back as  Ecstasy in a field test. Both suspected drugs found will be laboratory tested to confirm they are narcotics

The suspect was taken to the Oakland County Jail, pending charges.

The Oakland County Narcotics Enforcement Team, a multiagency undercover unit that consists of several Oakland County police departments and led by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, was called to the scene and will aid in the investigation, a statement on the incident said.

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