'First steps!': Teen hurt in Detroit crash walks

Charles E. Ramirez
The Detroit News
Sean English

The Northville teen who lost a leg helping people hurt in an April freeway crash in Detroit has taken his first steps with a prosthetic limb.

Sean English, the 16-year-old University of Detroit Jesuit High School student, posted on his Twitter account a video of himself walking with a prosthetic. The Tweet was posted after noon on Thursday.

"First steps! What a surprise I was able to get a leg to learn with this early," he wrote in the Tweet. "Looking forward to getting my own prosthetic and doing more." The message also included a praying hands emoji.

On April 2, English was riding to Mass with his parents when they came upon a car crash on Interstate 96 near the Davison Freeway in Detroit. They and a Henry Ford Hospital pulmonologist stopped to help.

English and the doctor were hurt when another car came around a curve near the crash, lost control, went into a spin and struck them. 

English had a foot amputated because of his injuries. The doctor, Cynthia Ray, 47, died several days after the crash.

Hospital officials said English suffered a broken femur, severe tissue damage, an anterior cruciate ligament tear and a medial collateral ligament tear in his knee, a torn ankle ligament as well as a broken sacrum — a bone at the base of his spine — and a broken tailbone.

English has had six surgeries at the hospital. He was discharged April 21.