Clawson Police seek suspects in road rage, shooting incident

Charles E. Ramirez
The Detroit News

Clawson Police are investigating a non-fatal shooting Sunday that appears to have been sparked by a road rage incident.

Lt. Scott Sarvello, head of the police department's criminal investigations unit, said the incident happened shortly after 2:30 p.m. Sunday on 14 Mile near Crooks Road in front of the Hideout sports bar and grill.

A male suspect is being sought for a Clawson road rage shooting incident.

The victim was in a car traveling eastbound on 14 Mile and pulled into the center lane to turn left into the bar's parking lot, Sarvello said. At the same time, the suspect's car, a black Chrysler 200, which had been traveling west on 14 Mile, pulled into the center lane to turn left into a shopping center.

"Our victim, who was a passenger in a car that turned into the parking lot, gets out of the car and throws his arms up at the other vehicle," he said. "They obviously had words and flipped each other off."

Sarvello said instead of turning left into the shopping plaza, the driver of the suspect's car turned into the bar's parking lot and nearly ran over the victim, who jumped out of the way.

The victim went into the bar and the suspect's vehicle turned around in the parking lot. Before leaving the lot, the male driver parked the car, got out, pulled up the hood on his sweatshirt and attempted to enter the bar through a locked door, police said.

Meanwhile, the victim exited the bar through a rear door, and a woman who was in the suspect's car got out of the vehicle and pointed the victim out to her male companion, officials said.

A female suspect who aided a man in a road rage shooting in Clawson is being sought by police.

Sarvello said the suspect then produced a gun from either his pocket or waistband, ran across the parking lot and fired a shot at the victim.

The bullet didn't strike the victim and it's not clear where the round went, he said.

The suspect ran back to his car, got in while his female companion moved in behind the wheel and drove off, according to Sarvello.

Police have released photos of two people wanted for questioning in connection with the incident.

Anyone with information on the two people in the photographs should call the Clawson Police Department dispatch at (248) 524-3477.