Farmington Hills — A reward is being offered and live traps set up to try to locate three cats, two of whom are world-record holders, missing after a house fire in Farmington Hills.

Will Powers and Lauren Powers escaped Sunday’s blaze, but their cats Arcturus, Cygnus and Sirus haven’t been seen since.

Live traps have been set up around the fire site and near 11 Mile and Farmington Road, the family said Wednesday.

Both cats recently made the 2018 Guinness World Record book. Arcturus and Cygnus are 2 years old. Arcturus, an F2B Savannah cat, is the tallest living domestic cat, at 19.05 inches. Cygnus, a silver Maine Coon cat, has the longest tail of any living domestic feline, at 17.58 inches.

Will Powers said the couple opened some doors as they fled their burning Farmington Hills’ house in hopes that Arcturus, Cygnus and Sirus would escape, according to the Associated Press

Will Powers said he is offering a $25,000 bitcoin reward for each cat who is safely returned.

A "beast" of a cat was spotted near 11 Mile and Farmington Road at 5:30 p.m. Monday, according to a post by Powers on Facebook on Tuesday. Will Powers believes it's Arcturus and that the cat could still be wearing his Tile tracker. Those who download the free app are able to see if the feline is within 300 feet of their GPS location. 

"Arcturus is likely dehydrated and terrified," he posted Tuesday. "Do not chase him if he is spotted. Contact me via this post asap. He looks scary but is a sweetheart. Don't fear him."

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