What started out as a traffic stop in Lake Orion ended in the discovery of almost 10 pounds of marijuana and a small stash of prescription pills, police said.

It all started when police spotted a vehicle headed south on South Broadway, driving "in a manner consistent with intoxication," a statement on the arrest said. 

When the officer turned on lights and sirens, the driver tried to pull into the driveway of a business. But the driver missed the driveway and hit the curb instead, blowing out a tire.

Once stopped, the officer tested the suspect, who police identify as Joshua Olsen, 28, for sobriety. During the search, police say, Olsen tried to run and get into the back seat of his vehicle.

Police say they then searched the vehicle and found more than 9 pounds of marijuana and a small cache of illegal prescription pills, and arrested Olsen.

Police obtained a search warrant for a blood test, to identify the presence of narcotics in his bloodstream at the time of the arrest, and Olsen was arrested.

At his arraignment on Tuesday, before 52-3 District Court Magistrate Marie Soma, Olsen was charged with one count of delivery/manufacture of marijuana, which is a four-year felony, and one count of possession, a two-year felony. He was given a $5,000/10 percent bond, and is due back in court on Nov. 28 for a pre-exam conference. 

If the presence of drugs in Olsen's system is confirmed, he will be charged with operating a vehicle in the presence of drugs, the statement said.

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