Oakland County Sheriff's Deputies arrested a man and a woman Wednesday after they were found with a Molotov cocktail in a Pontiac park.

Deputies on patrol in Beaudette Park in the 700 block of Orchard Lake Road near Telegraph at about 3:30 a.m. came upon a couple of vehicles parked side by side.

A woman was seated in one of the vehicles and a man was standing next to the other vehicle, officials said.

As the police approached, the man handed the woman an unknown object, they said.

Deputies detected the smell of gasoline on the man, according to police. They performed a cursory search of the man and found a bag of marijuana.

Police then spoke to the woman and saw a glass bottle with a rag sticking out of its neck and lying on the vehicle's floor. Deputies said the bottle was filled with a liquid and believed it was a Molotov cocktail.

They then checked the second vehicle and saw a passenger window had been shattered, officials said.

Deputies inspected the car and found a small safe under the driver's seat that had been pried open as well as wires hanging from under the dashboard, according to authorities.

They arrested both the man, 23, and woman, 22, both of Pontiac, who have been uncooperative with investigators, officials said.

Police said they contacted the second vehicle's owner, a 56-year-old Pontiac man, and he told deputies he left the car in the park earlier that night after its battery died.


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