A 56-year-old Holly woman who was set on fire by her husband Monday was released from the hospital on Wednesday, police said.  

Her 55-year-old husband who set her on fire at their home could face attempted murder and arson charges.

Holly Police Chief Michael Story said on Wednesday investigators were in the process of getting the charges authorized against the man, who is accused of dousing his wife with gasoline and lighting her on fire.

The woman suffered second-degree to third-degree burns — mostly on her leg — and is in a hospital recovering, according to police. 

Story said the woman could be released later Wednesday or Thursday. She will require some home health care, he said.

"We're not sure if it will be today or tomorrow, but it'll be very soon," the chief said.

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Holly police were called at 6:42 p.m. Monday to the couple's home in a mobile home park located at 4041 Grange Hall Road in the village of Holly, he said. 

The incident appears to have been sparked by an argument, Story said.

The couple was standing in their bedroom during the fight and, at one point, the man left the house, retrieved a five-gallon gas can, doused his wife with the fuel and set her on fire with a lighter, the police chief said. 

The police chief said the suspect is currently being held at the Oakland County Jail and awaiting charges.

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