Oakland Co. Sheriff on school shootings: 'I will be going in'

Sarah Rahal
The Detroit News
A photo of Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard was posted to the Sheriff's Office Facebook page Sunday saying he is training for an active school shooter.

Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard posted photos of himself training with a semi-automatic rifle Sunday and regarding active school shootings said: "hope and prayer is not a strategy, preparation is." 

The photos were posted on the Oakland County Sheriff's Office Facebook page saying he needed to prepare for school shooting situations. 

"We hope and pray to never have tragedy visit our doorstep, but we must be ready. This weekend, he followed his own advice and trained," the caption read. 

The photos were posted days after Bouchard released a statement to his deputies on expectations in regards to the Broward County Deputy who was on scene during shootings in Florida but failed to enter the school and confront the shooter. 

Bouchard reassured in the statement, posted Friday to the Facebook page, he will be entering the fire zone. 

"If we arrive on a similar scene our job is to go in without delay, locate, and neutralize an active shooter," he said in the statement. "I will either go in first, by your side or at your six depending on our arrival times. Regardless, I will be going in."

He went on to say other deputies who may question their profession should find work elsewhere. 

"This is not the time to question whether or not this job choice is for you. There are many ways people can help other people in this world, but if they are not up to the demands of the moment they need to find other ways to make a difference and leave police work now."

Last week, the Sheriff's Office received reports of threats at Milford High School in Highland Township, Pontiac Middle School and Lake Orion High School. In each instance, suspects were taken into custody, two were charged and a cyber threat at Lake Orion High remains under investigation. 

"Today's challenges are not getting any easier and neither is our job. However, we stand on the Thin Blue Line and face those threats head-on," Bouchard said.