Local CEO wins international peace award

The Detroit News

The CEO of a Bloomfield Hills company won an international award Tuesday for her “contributions to peacebuilding through business.”

The Business for Peace Foundation awarded Lori Blaker, president of Bloomfield Hills-based TTi Global, with the Oslo Business for Peace Award for her work in the United States and abroad, including India and Afghanistan.

Last year, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk was one of four honorees.

In 2016, Blaker launched an Automotive Service Center and Training Center in Kabul. The center created “much-needed job opportunities in a challenging environment,” according to a press release announcing the award.

“Blaker developed a special training program for local women to learn management skills in an industry they would traditionally be barred from, which is just one example of her commitment to making positive change through business,” reads a release from the foundation.

Blaker’s company provides staffing, research and training to various industries, including automotive companies. It employees more than 2,000 workers in five continents, according to its website.

“Businesses can be crucial in identifying issues and challenges in their communities both socially and economically,” said Blaker in a release. “It’s important, especially in today’s political climate, that we use this knowledge to drive change and growth in our world. To me, this recognition is a validation of the effort and conviction that TTi Global has indeed been on the right path.”

The two other winners were Coumbia’s Edgar Montenegro, Founder and CEO of Corpocampo, and Ireland’s Martin Naughton, Founder of Glen Dimplex Group.