Ex-Troy official avoids jail for alleged bond violation

Mike Martindale
The Detroit News

Troy – A former Troy city official avoided jail but neither he nor his attorney were talking Wednesday about his alleged violation of bond conditions in an assault case involving a girlfriend.

Former Troy City Manager Brian Kischnick went before Clarkston 52-2 District Court Judge Kelley Kostin on Tuesday afternoon after allegedly making telephone calls to the woman, a violation of his probation.

Kostin put aside a 30-day jail sentence for the violations, providing Kischnick obey all conditions. Kostin also set a $5,000 cash surety bond for Kischnick, who had previously been free on personal bond in the March 9 incident in Clawson.

“You can call my attorney,” Kischnick, 50, said when reached Wednesday for comment.

Attorney Angali Prasad said Kischnick was “never arrested” and made his bond after being detained at court. She declined to elaborate further. Kischnick reportedly apologized to Kostin after Clawson City Attorney Renis Nushaj informed the judge of the telephone calls.

Kischnick is scheduled for an April 16 hearing before Kostin in the domestic assault case, which according to police reports involves him tackling a 28-year-old woman outside a Clawson address during an argument. The offense is a misdemeanor punishable by a 93-day jail sentence and fines.

Witnesses told police Kischnick was “beating on his girlfriend” and saw him grab her by the back of the neck and throw her to the ground as the pair were walking down the sidewalk. The woman, who was and remains a Troy city employee, initially told police Kischnick pushed her then retracted her statement and said nothing happened and she was not pressing charges.

In a letter written to the Troy City Council this month – shortly before he was fired as city manager after a special Sunday meeting – Kischnick denied any assault took place.

“As the situation escalated, I attempted to calm her down, diffuse (sic) the situation, defend myself and prevent harm to her and I,” Kischnick wrote in part. “As we continued toward our destination, I was holding her to protect us and get there safely. We fell to the ground at least two times. The fact is I never hit her, abused her, threw her to the ground or harmed her. I was only trying to calm her down and make sure she arrived home safely.”

Kischnick, whose contract as city manager was just extended this past summer, was the focus of a city hall probe two years ago for questionable expenditures and an unreported car accident. After a two-month investigation, officials said no criminal violations occurred and no disciplinary action was required against Kischnick, who agreed to reimburse the city for $1,000 in repairs caused by an unreported traffic accident involving a city-owned vehicle.

Kischnick was hired by Troy in 2012 after serving as Tittabawassee Township’s manager.


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