A 32-year-old Troy woman is facing misdemeanor charges after being allegedly spotted "huffing" nitrous oxide at a traffic light and being found with 30 used nitrous containers in her SUV.

It was just after 5 p.m. on March 23 when calls came in about the woman's alleged huffing at a Sterling Heights traffic light. Callers took down the woman's license plate number and police went to the woman's listed address, on the 3000 block of Kings Point, which is north of Big Beaver and west of John R. 


Troy police saw the woman park and get out of her silver Dodge Journey. Police say the woman then gave consent to search her vehicle, during which they found another 30 used cans of nitrous oxide on the passenger side floorboard.

Police charged the woman with a misdemeanor, inhalation of a chemical agent. 


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