Meet Troy's new police kitten

Sarah Rahal
The Detroit News
Troy Police Department's newest recruit

After spending hours cuddling with six candidates Friday, Troy police have chosen their newest kitten addition.

In March, the Troy Police Department posted a challenge on Twitter stating if they received 10,000 new followers by April, they would get a police cat. The department reached its goal weeks before April and inspired other department's challenges, like Toledo police, to get a cat. 

The Michigan Humane Society in Westland brought five kittens and a cat to the department Friday and began interviewing their candidates

The department posted updates on Twitter showing the felines, available for adoption, hoping others would consider adopting, said Sgt. Meghan Lehman. 

"We ended up picking one, but we have to wait until it is at least 2 pounds and then we can bring it into the department," said Lehman. 

Lehman said the chosen kitten's energy is what set it apart from others. 

"This one was really energetic, friendly and different than the other kinds of kittens," she said. "It charged right out of the crate and wanted to interact with people and we knew that was the one."

The department has not chosen a name for the kitten and is asking students of Troy schools to submit names and the best ones will be put on Twitter for a final vote.