Student, 12, suspected of writing threats at school

Mike Martindale
The Detroit News
Oakland County Sheriff's logo

A 12-year-old student is suspected of writing threats in an Orion Township middle school restroom Thursday warning of planned shootings at the school – threats he himself reported to school officials.

Oakland County Sheriff’s deputies were called to Waldon Middle School, in the 25000 block of Waldon Road, about 11:30 a.m. Thursday by school staff who had been informed by the student of threatening messages on two bathroom stalls stating: “There will be a school shooting at 1PM TODAY.”

A deputy remained at the school for the rest of the day and an investigation revealed the reporting student’s handwriting was identical to the messages written on the bathroom stall wall. The boy was taken to the sheriff’s Orion Township substation where he was interviewed with his parents present. The student, who denied writing the message, was released to his parents.

A preliminary report determined that no threat existed at the school but it remains under investigation and results will be reviewed by the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office for possible charges.